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About Us


We started in 2007 wanting to build something new for online content. Our founders, James T. Kirk and Caption Nemo, met in 7th grade but didn't start working on Sunshine until a few years later at UC Davis (right before dropping out).


We believe that how you see something is just as important as what you see. You don't need to trade in your identity for the ability to view things. The freedom to see how you want is what lets you be truly authentic.


Sunshine is made for designers by designers. Everyone is a designer about something, whether it's music, food, or science fiction. Sometimes you just need the right space to explore it. Whatever you're into, we help you get into it.


At Your Service.

Our services offering ranges from UX design to e-commerce setups. Just check out all of the service lists below to get a general idea of what we are capable of delivering. And make sure to see our work for proof of our awesomeness.

Apart from this we design themes, templates and plugins which people love. It is a tough job to make something simple and beautiful. We love tough jobs!


  • Wireframing
  • Story Boards
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture


  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Animation and Motion


  • Meta Information
  • Ad Words Campaign
  • Google Optimization
  • Bing Optimization


  • Facebook Apps and Pages
  • Twitter Setup
  • Social Strategy and Planing
  • Viral Marketing


Our Work, Our Pride.

Below is a collection of things which we have build. Each one made our client happy and made us proud.

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  • UX
  • Design
  • SEO
  • Social


The Best in the World.

We have been fortunate to have worked with the best, and we delivered the best. Let's pick up some Sunshine now.

Media House

"Awesome, awesome theme. easy to use and the code and accompanying files are super easy to understand and modify. Well done."

History Movie

"Nice design! looks / performs great on our ipad 3 - and this is not the case with most themes honestly!"

TV Channel

"Incredible project. super-clean code. It's one of the best templates I've ever purchased. 5 stars and recommended to everyone. Thank you, Creligent Themes!"


The Fantastic Four.

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. And these 4 people have been fighting that tyranny.

James T. Kirk

James is the founder of our small agency. He is the force behind all the creativity that happens here.

Cat Woman

Cat is the woman responsible for most of the graphic design. She is also a famous superheroine by night.

Dick Grayson

Dick is the best developer out there. His skills are unmatched and the stuff he does is simply amazing.

Masterchef World

Masterchef is the inhouse gourmet chef. His skills are unmatched and what he does is simply amazing.

We are hiring!

Join us and explore the world! Drop an email at joinus@sunshine.theme


We'd to help!

We like to create things with fun, open-minded people. Feel free to say hello! And also buy some Sunshine.

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